Lyrics / Antihuman

The Difference

I suppose I made it this far - how difficult could it be to keep on breathing, to carry on being me?

Connected, yet afar
Living, yet longing to die - is this what it's supposed to be like?
More broken, less divine
Breathing, but too weak to smile - this cannot be right...

Floating high - comfortably numb - am I dead or alive?
Crawling low - desperately lost - am I real or am I not?

Awake or still dreaming, complete or in pieces, up high or down low
The lines start to blur
Still me or not really, away or right here, right now or much later
Is there a difference anymore?

I pinch my finger
The buzzing won't stop, the static grows, overwhelming every part of me
I pinch it harder
The buzzing gets worse, the static roars, overtaking every particle inside of me

Then you came in - you were ideal
Like it was nothing - you made me real
All these doubts - they disappeared
All my thoughts - became so clear

Now I know - now I see
You're the difference

Lyrics: Patryk "Pat"
Music: Thar Ai