Band members:
Piotr "Ivan" Iwanciw - guitar
Jan "Yasu" Kosa - bass guitar
Dominik "Animal" Danel - drums
Patryk "Pat" Guściora - vocals
Past members:
Paweł "Pablo" Hrycak - vocals (2015-2019)

The band started their first rehearsals in 2012 in Wrocław, but the line-up was not complete until April 2015 - the mix of influences of the individual band members resulting in music full of contrasts and ethnic accents. Along with the line-up, the name of the band was established - Thar Ai - third eye, as translated from a foreign, oriental dialect. The band released their debut, self-titled EP in March 2017. In February 2018, after an intensive tour promoting the album, the musicians started their collaboration with several other underground bands, which resulted in the release of 'UNtitled' - a compilation album released under the banner of Underground United - the name of the collective. In April 2019, the band's original singer, Pablo, left the group and was replaced by Pat - thus ending the chapter of Polish-language songs and driving the darker - rawer side of the band. Soon after that, the band released singles promoting their upcoming release - 'Grow', 'Connected' and 'Plastic Kings'.

'Antihuman' - the group's first LP was released in July 2021. It criticises the impact of humans on their environment, ranging from global problems, such as the excess plastic and environmental pollution in 'Plastic Kings', animal abuse in 'Man's Best Friend', or greed in 'Mine'. The album is not devoid of hope, however, as songs such as 'Grow' and 'Phoenix' encourage change, action, and growth. On the other end of the spectrum, a more personal approach is seen in, for instance, 'The Difference,' and 'Black Thoughts, Gray Sails' - a song in two contrasting versions which begin and conclude the album.